Too Much of a Good Thing

black and white hand raining

By Jerry Lambert

Along with most of the country, we have had a very hot and dry summer. It’s been one of those years where every lawn is struggling to stay more green than brown. Last week, we had a fair amount of rain and I was finally able to take a day off from watering the flowers. I was back at it the next morning because the weather report had no rain in sight for the remainder of the week. It really makes you appreciate a summer with normal amounts of sunshine and rainfall.

During a summer like this, you can easily tell which lawns have automatic sprinkler systems. What really makes me laugh is that after few days of a good soaking rain, it’s hard to tell which lawns have built-in sprinklers and which ones don’t. I’m in the don’t category. Most years I can get away with cutting the grass on Sunday, then watering  thoroughly. My lawn would usually be good for the rest of the week. Not this year! No matter how much I water, that strip of grass next to my neighbor’s driveway remains burnt to a crisp.

Given all this dry weather, my major concern is flooding. I know it sounds ridiculous, but when most of the lawns in the area are the consistency of  concrete, all it takes is a heavy downpour to turn into a horrific flood. In August of 2014, Warren and the surrounding Detroit area was hit with its worst flooding in 100 years. We had 4 inches of water in our basement, which caused over $5,000 in damage. However, on Masonic a few blocks away, there were people who had water up to their top step. It was so sad to see everything from their basements piled up by the curb. For a long time, Warren residents were very nervous whenever a hard rain moved into the area. I still am. When the rains finally do come, I pray they will be gentle and soaking. Until then, it’s time for me to move my sprinklers again.

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