Going to The Chapel

architecture building chapel church

By Jerry Lambert

This past Wednesday, August 29th, was our Wedding Anniversary. My wife and I were married in 1986, so that means we’ve been together for 32 years. Quite an accomplishment in this day and age. However, it’s more of a testimony to my wife’s patience, and her ability to put up with me for all these years. At the risk of getting misty-eyed, I wanted to relate the story of our Wedding Day.

It was an overcast day, but thankfully, there was no rain in the forecast. Anyone who has planned a wedding will probably tell you the same story. All of a sudden, the preparation and planning is over. Everything is happening at lightspeed and you barely have a chance to take it all in. In spite of all that, I remember the day quite clearly. I mowed the lawn as my bride-to-be made the rounds between hair, makeup, and finally the dress. All I had to do was take a shower, put on my tux, and wait for my brother to pick me up.

While I was cutting the lawn, I heard Chapel Of Love (Going to The Chapel) by The Dixie Cups on our local oldies station KISS-FM. Little did I know that many of the bridal party members had heard the song as well. I think my brother mentioned it when he picked me up. Later that evening, a plot was hatched among the members of the bridal party and the band. Once a sufficient amount of liquid courage had been downed by this impromptu choir, they serenaded us. Chapel Of Love never sounded so good.


Happy Anniversary, Kathy. I Love You.  

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