Coat Wars

beautiful beauty blond blur
I Couldn’t Find Any Pictures of Coats Fighting, So I Opted For The Pretty Blonde

By Jerry Lambert

Here in the Detroit area, we have just suffered through the 5th Hottest Summer on Record, and Summer’s not giving up yet. However, in general, temperatures have FINALLY started to cool down. Even with Fall taking control, there are still periods of warm weather during the week. Here in Michigan, we call these spikes in temperature Indian Summer. There are some official weather rules when it comes to describing an Indian Summer. Something to do with a killing frost. For me, it’s when the air turns cool, but the sun hits you sideways, roasting you like a chestnut. The end result is the Indian Summer effect.

This also results in another effect I call Coat Wars. When you leave for work in the morning, your breath is frosty, and it’s a chilly 40 degrees. You dress appropriately, with a mid-Fall jacket. Don’t get me started on jacket types. I could do an article on those alone. Anyway, in the morning, you were dressed perfectly for the current temperature. However, when you head out for lunch, Mr. Indian Summer has paid a visit, and the temperature has shot up to 73 degrees. When you leave work for the day, you completely forget about your mid-Fall jacket in the closet. You think you’ll be fine without it, but it’s 52 degrees by the time you get home from work, and you’re freezing your chestnuts off!

There is a meme making its way around Facebook these days. It depicts how people in Michigan dress at this time of year. It ranges from a bathing suit and flip-flops to a full parka, with hat and gloves, and back again. When I dress for my morning walk, I will know by the end of the block if I chose wisely. Running through the Goldilocks Test by the time I hit the corner. Too hot, too cold, or just right? Life is full of little victories. Something as simple as picking the right coat, jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt can be a challenge. There is an art to it, but if you choose wisely, it can make your day.

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