A Night at the LCA


By Jerry Lambert

Last night, my wife and I attended a Detroit Red Wings game at the new Little Caesars Arena. Since the Wings were playing the once-despised Colorado Avalanche, we jumped at the Groupon offer. It was only my second visit to the new arena, and I wanted to compare it with the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (much better legroom at the TMA). Back in September, we had attended a Journey concert there. Since we were still new to the whole LCA experience, I was glad to find nearby, relatively inexpensive parking. Thanks for the tip, Tim Gietzen!

My family’s love of hockey and the Red Wings, in particular, goes back a long way. My sister, Cynthia Lambert, covered the team for The Detroit News during their glory years. Over the past few seasons, the team has fallen on hard times. However, they have shown signs of life lately, and it was going to be an interesting game. Previously, our family has taken our love of the Winged Wheel on the road. We have been to games in Chicago, Toronto, Columbus, and St. Louis. With the exception of one incident in St. Louis, when a woman intentionally poured beer down my wife’s back, we have been free of liquid contamination.

Last night, our evening was almost ruined before it got started. A brain-dead individual, who apparently doesn’t know how to carry a tray of beers, wound up dumping them all over the seats to my left. I felt a little splash on my neck, but thankfully, that was the extent of the collateral damage. My wife handed over all of our napkins and the spillers gave one of the seats a cursory swipe. A girl in their group actually said, “A least we’re not sitting there!” Really? Shortly thereafter, four fans came down the row and were about to get an unpleasant surprise. I warned them that beer had just been spilled all over their seats. Then, the REAL cleanup effort began. Good Lord! Was I ever this inconsiderate? If so, I apologize! In this day and age, common courtesy and good manners have become virtually extinct. On the way home, I thanked God that the bozo hadn’t lost control of the beers a few steps earlier! I also put in a prayer for our Wings!

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