May From Hell

May 1

Let me be clear, as much as I hate spring, there is one month I despise more than the rest, May. Why would I hate this crown jewel of the flowering season? Well, let me put it this way. May is the month when we finally start to see the beauty of spring, only to have it turn into a blazing hot summer overnight. This year is no different. We have gone from a low of 30 degrees on May 9th, with snow ( yes SNOW! ), to today’s forecast of a scorching 89 degrees. In just 17 days! Historically, May in Southeast Michigan is all over the map, temperature-wise.

One year, you can open your pool early, and have it ready for a Memorial Day BBQ. Other times, ducks are hitting the ice on your pool cover and sliding off like curling rocks. Usually, when Mother Nature starts losing her shit around here, we have plenty of diversions to keep us busy. Catching the latest summer blockbusters at the movies, heading downtown to watch the pitiful Tigers, or driving Up North to the lake. You name it. We are Michigan, and we are a mobile state. We know we only have a short weather window before the first red maple leaf drops off a tree. Then, women all over the state will run out for pumpkin spice lattes and hunker down to binge-out on Hallmark Christmas movies. Even though it’s only August.

As you may have guessed, this summer will be very different. No movie theaters, no baseball games, no concerts in the park, no nothing. Our Fuhrer, Herr Whitmer, has us locked down until June 12th, and we’re taking bets on whether she’ll go past July 4th. Thankfully, May is coming to an end in a few days. Hopefully, June will bring us more temperate summer weather. In the meantime, we’ll continue this hot weather lockdown, waiting for the day when we’ll be able to go outside again. Sounds familiar.

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