Old 98


(Author’s Note: Since summer is officially drawing to a close, I thought I would post this story about sunshine and warm weather to tide us over until next year.)

My wife and I were just taking our last walk down Old 98 for the season. Old 98 is also known as Scenic Gulf Highway in Destin, Florida. It’s part of our daily routine down here, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. Listening to the emerald green waves breaking on the sugar-white sand is a wonderful part of our Destin Soundtrack. Also, our morning walk is one way we burn off all of the delicious seafood we have been eating since we arrived. We’ve been to many beach towns over the years, but for me and my wife, nothing compares to Destin. 

It never ceases to amaze me that even though there are plenty of resorts and vacation rentals on Old 98, it still has a very laid back vibe. I think part of the reason is that there’s not much build-able waterfront real estate located right on the beach. This results in a great view, even if your condo is across the street from the gulf. Also, scattered among all of the resorts and hotels are some of our favorite restaurants. Places like Pompano Joe’s, the Surf Hut, and the Crab Trap. All of them are right on the beach, so you can enjoy warm gulf breezes as you savor some of the best seafood in town. There’s nothing like a wonderful meal, as you enjoy another spectacular Destin sunset.

Recently, we drove through Perdido Key, which straddles the Florida / Alabama line. We were on our way to see a Bryan Adams concert in Orange Beach, AL. There was no charm to the area at all. Just a long stretch of white dunes and a few gigantic hotels. It was about 5 p.m. on a Friday and there wasn’t a soul around. Contrast that with Destin, which has an all-day parade of families heading to the beach with chairs, coolers, and beach toys. Other folks are constantly walking, running, or cycling by. Plus, an occasional gaggle of bikini-clad heartbreakers heading down to the beach, looking for some fresh victims. Yes, it’s quite a show on Old 98. Can’t wait till next year. 

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