Night Walks

Do you get an uneasy feeling when you take an evening walk? Do you hear the opening bars of Thriller as you make your way down a darkened street? Yeah, me too. One of my favorite forms of exercise used to be taking a nightly stroll after I got home from work when it’s deathly still and dark-dark outside. In the past, I’ve always enjoyed these walks. They would help me unwind and clear my head after a hectic night at work. However, recently walking at night freaks me out a little. Maybe it’s because I’ve just had another birthday, and I’m one year closer to that Social Security check. Who knows?

The main reason I began night walks in the first place was to ensure my hound dog Skittles wouldn’t have another run-in with a skunk in our backyard. I figured that most skunks, opossums, and other nocturnal creatures would steer clear of our neighborhood sidewalks. Since our crazy dog is unfortunately no longer with us, I have found these night walks have taken on a decidedly creepy bent. As I round the school and head back home, I’m not sure who I’ll run into first. A maniac in a Scream mask, or one of our local boys in blue, asking why I’m hanging around a school at night. On second thought, maybe I’m the creepy one.

When I was a teenager, I never thought about the night as I headed out with my buddies. As we visited some cute girls or got into some good-natured trouble, the dark was our constant traveling companion. Nowadays, it seems like my night walks have taken on a certain menace that I can’t quite put my finger on. As I mentioned earlier, maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or it could be that I’ve watched one too many episodes of Supernatural. However, I think it’s mainly because I don’t have my crazy dog protecting me from things that go bump in the night anymore. I’ll keep up my nightly walks and pretend I’m still out with my dear old Skittles. She always had my back. Maybe she still does.

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