Corona Christmas

As the snow fell softly on a lovely Christmas Day, I couldn’t help but feel like Charlie Brown trying to find the true meaning of the season. The Currier & Ives vista outside my front window saddened me. I kept thinking about all of the families who couldn’t get together to enjoy this beautiful White Christmas.  

When the virus first hit, I knew what it meant. No real Halloween, no Thanksgiving, and certainly, no Christmas. How were we supposed to gather together with our family and friends, when any one of us could be the Typhoid Mary who takes out Grandma? 2020 turned us all into the Marines, Adapting and Overcoming the pandemic as best as we could.  

As a way to fight off the holiday blues, many neighbors who had never joined the decorating brigade before put up some truly fabulous displays. However, to me, it all felt hollow. Listening to Perry Como singing about “Tidings of comfort and joy”, did little to comfort me, or bring me joy. This Year of Wrong couldn’t be over fast enough.  

Now it’s mid-January, and all of the Christmas decorations have been lovingly packed away until next year. At least most of them. Our basement tree, lights, and Thomas Kinkade village are always the first to go up on Thanksgiving weekend, and the last to come down after New Years. Storing them away is always a depressing task, made even worse by this year’s pandemic.  

Oh well, here’s hoping 2021’s holidays will be celebrated! Here’s to a REAL Christmas, when we can finally look forward to one big group hug. God knows we could use it! Fingers crossed.  

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this article. I hope you will continue to enjoy and follow this blog. Please feel free to share these stories with your family and friends!

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