Covid Horse Races

Now that this horrible pandemic may be winding down, God-willing, I remember an activity that kept my wife and me occupied during the lockdown. I called it the Covid Horse Races. Here’s how you played. You placed your bet by ordering an item online, then you used the provided tracking number, to follow the progress of your package (horse) from the company’s warehouse to your front door.  

My wife and I would even order items at the same time, then place wagers on which one would show up first. What can I say? Times were tough and we were bored silly. We had no idea how long the Covid nightmare would go on, and we needed to find entertainment where we could. We never had a photo finish (a picture from Amazon that showed both of our packages on the porch), but there were a couple of close calls.  

All of this package tracing also led to an interesting side effect, seeing how the sausage is made.  When you order an item from Amazon, eBay, or some other company, you assume your package will go from Point A (the warehouse) to Point B (your front door), with no pit stops along the way. If that’s what you believe, then take a look at the tracking info for a package that’s taking longer than usual to arrive.  

It will appear that the delivery driver is a finalist in the Race for People with no Sense of Direction!  The U.S. Postal Service seems to excel in these meandering deliveries. I once had a package arrive in my town, only to be routed back to Calumet City, Illinois before it found its way back to my front door. Bizarre. If I had money on that race, I would have been howling with rage.  “It was so close!”

So, here’s to all of the interesting diversions we came up with during this pandemic. Hopefully, they kept you from going completely Looney Tunes.  That’s All, Folks!



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