Oh, the Racket!


If you’re a follower of this blog, you’ll know that I am not a fan of spring.  The yo-yo temperatures, piercing winds, and icy rain combine for a fairly miserable season.  I have come up with some nicknames for each month.  Miserable March, Awful April, and Monstrous May.  However, once we reach the end of May, we are rewarded with Memorial Day Weekend.  Which over the past few years, has been hotter than blazes, and a fitting kick-off to summer.  

The other day, I was reminded of another side effect of spring.  One that I don’t mind as much as the season itself.  The reemergence of sound.  Most people don’t pay much attention as we enter the dark days of winter, but the sounds of everyday life become hushed and muffled.  Kids playing outside, lawnmowers and leaf blowers, traffic from nearby roads.  All shushed.

I have written about this phenomenon once before, as it relates to thunderstorms.  No matter how prepared you think you are, when the first boomer of the year hits, it can scare the bejeebers out of you!  Once you identify that the sound was not a nuclear explosion, you can relax a little, and look forward to longer days and warmer temperatures ahead. 

However, all of this erupting racket can lead to another problem.  Getting some shuteye.  I’m a very light sleeper, and if I’m trying to take an afternoon nap during those early days of spring, any noise will wake me up.  Chirpy birds, a lawnmower, or even a sprinkler system will do it.  I won’t even mention the kid next door and his battery-powered John Deere tractor.  I can’t wait until he outgrows that damn thing!    

Although, once the weather warms up and all of the windows open, we all get used to the noises of spring and summer.  I have found that I look forward to those sounds, as a sign that we have made it through yet another miserable spring.  But, if I hear that friggin’ tractor one more time as I’m nodding off, I might just have to sneak over there and cut the wires.  Just sayin’.  

So, here’s to the sounds of spring.  May they be the harbinger of the warm, wonderful days of summer.  If they could just turn down the volume a little while I’m trying to take a nap, it would be greatly appreciated.  

As usual, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this article. I hope you will continue to enjoy and follow this blog. Please feel free to share these stories with your family and friends!


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