On the Road Again 


Well, it’s been over a year and I can’t wait to get back on the road again. My wife and I were supposed to have traveled down to lovely Destin Florida last year, but unfortunately, our trip was canceled due to Covid. However we are both Covid-free, we’ve had our shots like a couple of cocker spaniels, and we’re rarin’ to go.

As much as I love going on vacation, over the years I have come to love the trip down as well. It’s almost like visiting family when we stop in Bowling Green, KY. Getting dinner at Montana’s Steakhouse, after a long day on the road, is always a treat. Love that Jalapeno Cornbread! However, we always eat inside because they also have the largest bumblebees you’ve ever seen! Bowling Green is also home to the Corvette Museum, a great attraction that you can’t miss! Partly because of its upside-down yellow funnel design.

However, this year, we’re putting a new wrinkle into our travel plan. We’re starting with a week at our timeshare in Orlando. Booking is usually a nightmare, but luckily the week before our Destin trip was available, so we jumped on it. It’s a beautiful property, but that yearly maintenance fee sucks. Don’t get me started!

I always try to keep my weight down before we go on a big trip like this. I know full well that the daily food temptations will be aplenty. My only hope is salads, lots of salads! We always start off our road trips with a quick stop at McDonald’s or Burger King to get some breakfast. Breaking the rules of my vacation meal plan before it even gets started. Oh well, it’s become a travel tradition and who am I to buck tradition. 

When we first started taking these annual road trips down south, they were a pain in the butt. All I ever wanted to do was sit in the sand with a beer in my hand, but one thousand miles of highway was keeping me from doing just that. However, over time, these journeys have become more enjoyable, as we passed our favorite landmarks along the way. Driving into the Central Time Zone became one of them. It’s a little freaky when your clock jumps an hour back in time. Fire up the DeLorean, Doc! 

Plus, the Dead Armadillo Count, once we hit the Tennessee / Alabama State Line is freaky as well. I had always associated the armor-plated rodents with Texas, but apparently, a lot of them must have gotten lost and wound up in ‘Bama. It’s sad for them, but it’s become a morbid game for us. One year we counted twenty-three by the time we hit Florida, where the Armadillo population always drops off to zero for some reason.  In addition to dead rodents, there’s the Huntsville rest stop, with a Saturn 1B Rocket (cool beans) standing proudly.      

Once we hit the Florida line it’s only a couple of hours before we’re sitting in the sand, with a beer in our hand. Vacation Bliss. Once we see the Zaxby’s chicken sign, we can almost smell the sea salt in the air (or is that chicken?). Even though our nutso governor has done everything in her power to keep us locked down in the Pure Michigan Penal Colony, we will have made good our escape for four glorious weeks in the Sunshine State.  

By the time we get home, the lawn will need to be cut (maybe twice), and the windows will all be thrown open. Summer will be knocking on the door. Not a bad way to bypass the last few days of awful April and monstrous May. So, hit it, Willie, “On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again . . .”     

As usual, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this article. I hope you will continue to enjoy and follow this blog. Please feel free to share these stories with your family and friends!

Quirky Attraction: Saturn 1B Rocket at Alabama Rest Stop



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