Tech Attack!


Since the vast majority of my professional career has been spent in the field of Information Technology, I’m more sensitive than most to cyberattacks. This morning while installing a photo editor app on my computer, I had what appeared to be an intrusion. I tend to imagine the worst. So when I rebooted my laptop, and I was prompted to log on with the “correct” password, my hackles were instantly raised.

The most recent addition to my tech inventory is an Acer Chromebook. The operating system is close enough to Windows to make you think you’re using the latest Windows 10 laptop. Although, it’s more like using a large Android phone with a 15” Screen and Full Keyboard.  

Since the operating system is ChromeOS, it doesn’t operate with the same technical discipline as Windows. For instance, there’s a bug when it comes to password changes. When you change your password for Google, the Chromebook doesn’t update and prompt you for the new password. You have to use the old one to log in.  

That sort of thing will put gray hairs on the head of any computer nerd, plus give you a nasty case of acid reflux. What happened next was even worse. After the recently installed photo app crashed, I rebooted and was faced with the password question I mentioned earlier. However, THIS TIME it required the NEW PASSWORD. Since we’re on vacation, the computer kept flip-flopping between the resort wifi, and my phone’s mobile hotspot. This made it virtually impossible to enter the new password.

Once I finally managed to get logged in, I cleaned up the app problem that triggered the whole mess and rebooted. Only to be faced with the damn login request again. Then, when I tried to access the password app on my phone, it just buffered and crashed!!  CYBERATTACK!  I had to grab another phone to get my new password. No need for coffee this morning! Nothing like a cyber-threat to get your heart racing into the fat-burning zone! I probably don’t even have to work out today. Whew!  

Of course, this was no cyberattack, but it certainly felt like one. I hope that any computer issues you suffer from in the future will be easily resolved, without the need of a cardiac unit, Fingers crossed!

As usual, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this article. I hope you will continue to enjoy and follow this blog. Please feel free to share these stories with your family and friends!



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