Hamster vs Hampster

In this Facebook / Twitter world, we’ve all seen stories that make us say, “What?” Recently, I heard about one of those gems. It’s a Millennial tale, and I tend to take those with a grain of salt. I mean, those kids can’t all be useless little crybabies, wearing t-shirts that say, “My Mommy Says I’m Special”. Can they? Well, it turns out at least one can. I had a hard time believing this story at first. However, it appears to be true, if you can believe the tweets of the woman in the office, who witnessed this meltdown.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of the incident. A twenty-nine-year-old Millennial woman threw a major fit at work. The reason for this outburst was that her boss had the temerity to point out she had misspelled hamster in her op-ed draft. For some reason, she spelled it with a “p” (as in hampster dance). This spelling-challenged young lady stated that she had always spelled it that way, and she didn’t see any reason to change it.

Say what? You’re wrong, get over it! Nope, she doubled-down on the crazy by calling her mommy. She had an on-speaker conversation in a common area of the office. Now, here’s the really disturbing part, Mommy backed her up and told her that her boss was an idiot! Really? How does this help her precious little snowflake adjust to the real world? Quick answer: It doesn’t.

From personal experience, I am constantly being corrected while writing these articles. Sometimes, it seems like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Grammarly all have it in for me. Of course, I don’t take it personally. I’m grateful I didn’t publish a bunch of typos and grammatical errors. For me, this illustrates the fallacy of the Snowflake Generation.

They all have their Personal Truth. If they can show you their work, 2 + 2 does indeed = 5. Hey, you can spell hamster anyway you want in your private life. However, when you’re at work, act like a frickin’ grownup! You represent your company, and if you’re writing an op-ed for publication, get it right! Stop calling for the Wambulance! It’s terrifying to think this generation will be in charge one day. Please pray for this country, pray hard.

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